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Mr. Wing Yiu Wong

Founder and Senior Counsellor (MBACP)

Mr. Wing Yiu Wong

Mr. Wong is the founder and executive director of Nathan Road Counselling Service (NRCS). He is also an experienced psychological counsellor. Through offering counselling services, Mr. Wong intends to become the client's company and help him/her to understand himself/herself and his/her surroundings better. In the course of counselling, Mr. Wong will explore with the client resources available to him/her both internally and externally and let him/her see that there are different alternatives. The ultimate aim is to help the client to become free and be able to enjoy life.

Mr. Wong's various professional qualifications include Master's degree in Counselling from the University of South Australia, Certificate in Child-centred Play Therapy, Certificate in Play Therapy for Pre-school Children, Certificate in Fast and Intensive Treatment of Depression, Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Certificate in Marriage and Intimate Relationship Counselling and Certificate in Bowen Family Systems Therapy, etc.

Mr. Wong is specialized in treating all kinds of anxiety disorder, such as panic attack, phobia, general anxiety disorder, obsessive and compulsive disorder, social phobia, health anxiety / hypochondria, adjustment disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. Mr. Wong is also skillful in dealing with relationship and marital issues.

黃先生是彌敦道輔導服務(Nathan Road Counselling Service, NRCS) 的創辦人兼行政總監,他也是本中心的資深心理輔導員,黃先生本著同行者的服務精神,希望可以透過專業的輔導服務,與受助者同行,幫助受助者更清楚認識自己和周遭的人和事,從而發掘更多的內在和外在資源和可行的出路,釋放自己,最終能更享受生命。


黃先生具有多項專業訓練, 善於在輔導中按受輔者需要而快速給予方案和出路,結合多年來所累積的豐富經驗;專長處理不同的個人情緒病、抑鬱症、各種焦慮症、婚前輔導、戀愛、各種婚姻問題及困擾、以及家庭治療等等。

黃先生特別專長於各樣焦慮病患,如驚恐症(panic attack)、恐懼症(phobia)、廣泛焦慮症(general anxiety disorder)、強迫症(obsessive and compulsive disorder)、社交恐懼症(social phobia)、疑病症(health anxiety / hypochondria)、適度障礙(adjustment disorder)、創傷後壓力症等個案(post-traumatic stress disorder)等,能快速地協助受助者理解及解決問題​。

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